Top 10 Facts About Poison Ivy You May Not Know

Poison Ivy: Nope, I am Not going to Comment on Her Sexiest Personality, Not This Time So Here You Go These Are the

Top 10 Poison Ivy Shocking Facts

 Number 10: Gotham City Sirens

Poison Ivy Is a Core Member of Team-ups Featuring Gotham’s Most Popular Female Villains Such as in The Comic Series Gotham City Sirens and The Flash Animation Series Gotham Girls These Are Paired Harley Quinn and Cat Woman.

Gotham City Sirens

So Obvious a Villain Who Prefers to Work Alone but It Looks Like She Might Be Teaming Up with These Two Again in the Next Harley Quinn Film Project but We’ll See

Number 9: Poison Kiss

Ivy Has Had Various Plant-based Powers and Abilities Over the Years Depending Upon Who Was Writing Her. However,

Poison Kiss

 Why Was the Most Iconic Is Her Poison Kiss Which Is A Key Part of Her Femme Fatale Persona? She Is Literally Deadly as a Result Panels of Her Sharing, Her Deadly Kiss Are Particularly Iconic Speaking of Her Power Is More About Them at

 Number 8: Brainwash the Males

 Ivy’s Toxins Are So Potent They Can Control Superman Ivy’s Pheromone Output Can Reach Such a Level or Be Modified to Such a Point That She Can Pretty Much Brainwash the Males Around Her.

Brainwash the Males

 This includes the Man of Steel a Key Example of This Was During the Hus Storyline With Saw Batman Having to Fight His Close Friend or Free Him From Ivy’s Control

Number 7: Obsessed with Batman

 Poison Ivy Was Obsessed with Batman During Her Early Appearances as He Was the Only Man She Could Not Control Over Time.

Obsessed with Batman

 She Put the Develops a More Independent Personality with a Penchant for Nonchalance and of Course Eco-terrorism a Softer Side and At

Number 6:  Soft Spot for Children

Was an Iv Has a Soft Spot for Children While She Tends Not Like Humans Very much She Has Been Shown to Not Want to See Kids Turned Such as During the Batman No Man’s Land Arc Where She Transformed a Park Into a Safe Haven for Orphaned Children or Notably In the Animated Series Episode House and Garden Where She Pretended to Reform and Clone a Family?

Poisson Ive

 She Could Love and Live with on Her Own Terms It Has Been Suggested by Some Creators the Due to the Changes Made Her Body She Could Not Have Children of Her Own.

 Her Most Recent Foray Into Motherhood Was in the Miniseries Poison Ivy Cycle Of Life and Death a More Questionable Occurrence in

Number 5: Gotham TV Series

There Was Controversy After The Tv Series Gotham Decided to Age Up Their Version of the Character to an Older Sexier Version.

Gotham TV Series

 The Show’s Executive Producer Ken Woodruff Said One Of Poison Ivy’s Most Iconic Abilities Is Respect the Field They Went on to Say That Everyone Was Much More Comfortable With Her Being an Older Actress as Opposed to a Teenager.

 We Want to Explore That Classic Canonical Power of Iv However Some Pointed Out That It Was Just Her Body That Had Transformed Not Her Mind to Which Writer Amy – Counters Her Iv Views Humans as a Totally Different Species and Hence Not Sexually Desirable.

 Number 4: Photosynthesize

I’m You Suck Shoe Ating Skintone Is the Result of a Constant Changes Being Aged Her Powers And Abilities at First Ivy Was Depicted With a Caucasian Skin Tone Then After Crisis and an Updated Origin the Experiments Done to Her,


 Caused Her to Be Able to Photosynthesize Like a Plant Which Gave Her a Greenish Skin Tone Later She Became Able to Control the Chlorophyll Levels in Her Skin So,

 She Could Change It at Will However the Most Likely Answer Is It’s Just Whatever the Artist and Author Find Most Aesthetically Appealing at the Time Reverb Sees Her With a More Classic Look With a More Malleable Suit She Can Add Or Remove Plant Elements From

 Number 3: Inspired by A Short Story

Part of Her Origin Was Inspired by A Short Story Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Published in 1844 Entitled Rapper Cheney’s Daughter the Story Centers Around a Medical Researcher Who Starter Becomes Resistant Poison but Becomes Poisonous Herself in the Process.

Inspired by A Short Story

 This Is Said to Be a Variation on the Poisonous Maiden or Poisonous Damsel Which Has Been Occurring as Far Back as Classical Sanskrit Texts With the Popularity of Poison Ivy.

 This Myth Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Number 2:

Poison Ivy Is Supposed to Have a Southern Accent at Least According to Her Creator Robert Kanigher This Was Because She Was Modeled After Popular Pinup Model and Cultural Icon Bettie Page So the Most Important Trader for Voice Seems to Have Become That It Is Sultry and Appealing Speaking of Appeal Our More Specifically Attraction Takes Us

Number 1: Poison Ivy Is Bisexual

Poison Ivy Is Bisexual and Has Been Engaged for Years in an on-again Off-again Sexual Relationship With Her Close Friend Harley Quinn They Have Been Described by Dc as Girlfriends Without the Monogamy,

Poison Ivy Is Bisexual

 Well, Some View That Does a Triumph Over Her Relationship With the Joker It Must Be Noted That Poison Ivy Will Take Advantage of Harley as Well in Her Own Way It’s Better but Not Perfect.

So Those Are the

Top 10 Poison Ivy Facts

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