Funny Jokes: “The little boy brought his result and said to the father” Read 11+ Very Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes: Laughing Regularly is very important for the health of humans. In today’s hectic life, one should make a habit of laughing regularly. By laughing, we can avoid serious diseases caused by mental stress. Laughing keeps the glow of a person’s face intact.

That’s why we must take out time to laugh Sometime during the day. Jokes play a big role in making a person laugh. If there is no reason to laugh, then you can laugh by reading jokes. That’s why we have brought some Funny Jokes in English to make you Laugh, Which you will definitely laugh after reading.

Wife Husband Jokes

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Wife to husband – Listen, ask my brother to eat!
From husband brother-in-law – Brother, have you come after eating food or will you go and eat it!

Even after thinking this many times to me
Can't sleep all night...
Do not know 
my wife would have learned to cook or
 I Have to Cook for me myself

Motivational Jokes

funny jokes in english

3. Find out if the road is beautiful
Which floor does it go to?
But if the destination is beautiful,
Never mind the way.

Water disappears from the road after five minutes of rain in England.
we're here five minutes later
The "road" itself disappears

Funny Jokes

An award to those elders of the village
should also get…
Even the woman who is going in the veil
Let’s see and tell…
That is the daughter-in-law of such a Sharma Ji…

Father-Son Jokes

Father (from son) – see son, do not gamble. It is such a habit that if you win today, you will lose tomorrow, if you win the day after tomorrow, you will lose the next day.
Son – that’s it, dad! I understand, from now on, I will play one day after skipping.

The little boy brought his result and said to the father, Papa, you are very lucky.
Father - how son?
Child - because I have failed. You don't have to buy new books for me.

Random Jokes

funny jokes in English
funny jokes in English

Chintu’s mother said to Chintu in the train compartment – Sit quietly. If you do mischief, then I will kill You.
Chintu – If you hit me, I will tell my age to the ticket checker.


A parrot collided with a car, 
then the person got up and put the Parrot in the cage. Jail,
did the car guy die?

Very Funny Jokes In English

A child asked another child - Can you read Chinese?
The second child said - Yes if it is written in Hindi and English then..

Free Advice for the Married Man
If the working lady does not come, then do not get entangled with the wife that day, rest of your choice..

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